Ambito Di Applicazione

The acrobatic high rope courses of the adventure park ‘APUA ADVENTURE’ are accessible as follows:

All people with a minimum height of 140 cm ( after authorization of a legally responsible adult, if under age) are allowed on the children’s courses (yellow and orange), the junior courses (green and blue) and the courses named Red and Black.
Teenagers with a minimum height of 125 cm (after authorization and under supervision of a legally responsible adult) are allowed onto the children’s courses (yellow and orange) and  the junior courses (green and blue).
Children  with a minimum height of 100 cm (after authorization and under supervision of a legally responsible adult) are allowed onto the yellow and orange courses.

The entry ticket has a 3-hour validity. The fee includes the use of the safety equipment, practical  and theoretical safety demonstration, staff surveillance.  An extra amount of 5 euros is due for one more hour or fraction thereof and it is payable when returning the equipment.
Users are aware that they will access and  climb on the high rope courses autonomously and under their own responsibility.
The Park disclaims all responsibility for accidents and damage to people or things due to imprudence, unauthorized manoeuvres or failure to comply with the Park regulations.
Users are strictly required to:

Take part in the practical  and theoretical safety demonstration  (briefing) before starting the courses ( correct use of the safety equipment,  safety and climbing techniques) regardless of  their  ability level and complete the training section; the Park  reserves the right to advise against or prohibit access to those people who are considered not fit for the courses.
Stay fastened to the safety line all the time, once they are on the courses.
Adhere to the Park Regulation and stick to the directions written on boards at the beginning of each high rope course and follow the staff’s advice.
Access any element, game or obstacle of the course one at a time;
Immediately report injuries to a staff member in order to assess their seriousness;  accidents reported after leaving the Park , without prior communication, will not be put down to events happened in the Park. False statements will be prosecuted.

It is strictly forbidden :

to access the high rope courses under the effect of alcohol, drugs  or medication;
to access and use the courses in the absence of staff;
to wear  one’s own safety equipment, not supplied by the Park;
to deliberately swing  or shake the hanging  obstacles and challenges.
to stop on the platforms for more than three people at a time;
to throw  anything from the overhead lines;
to access the courses wearing scarves, necklaces or  anything else around necks;
Please note: due to safety reasons people with limited motility and pregnant women are not allowed to undertake the activities.

Accessing any high rope courses, the signer declares that he/she or the accompanied minor has/have attended the briefing, has/have carefully listened to and fully understood the directions given and commit themselves to comply.
Comfortable footwear  and preferably long, loose clothes are recommended; please tie your hair back  and leave behind any belongings that might fall down from the overhead paths  ( mobile phones, cameras, bags ecc.)
In case the courses are closed after the briefing, due to adverse weather conditions or  reasons  beyond the organizers’ control, the entry fee will not be refunded;
Any person who behaves dangerously or against the Park Safety Regulations, putting themselves or other people at risk, will be asked to leave the Park and is not entitled to any  refund of the entry fee.
Signing this form grant the organization the rights to use, without compensation, photographs, video and recordings for advertising purposes.

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