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Apua adventure Park has 2 briefing sections, 2 children course, 2 junior course (minimum 125 cm tall) and 2 course for minimum 140cm tall people. Moreover, all people with a mimimun height of 125 cm, can use the black zip line, without starting the black path.

CHILDREN'S COURSES (minimum height 100 cm)


Children rope courses are hanging between trees at a maximum height of 180 cm. they include net tunnel, steady or moving footbridges, trunks.... Along the course client's are equipped with a doulbe-safty harness which allows them to move freely and safely. Before starting children are clearly and accurately informed by an istructor about the course and the safety maneuvers, so that they will be able to indipendently move along the line.Instructors,however,are always nearby to supervise the correct performance and help in case of need.


Green course        (minimum height 125 cm)
Blue course          (minimum height 125 cm) 
Red course           (minimum height 140 cm)
Black course        (minimum height 140 cm - minimum age 14 or accompanied by an adult)

the black course is the most challenging in our Adventure Park. It climbs up to 12 meters and,compared to the other lines, it includes really demanding obstacles as for balance and coordination. The hanging climbing walls, the "via crucis" and the U-bridge together with the skateboard aer some eclusive challenges offered by our park. At the end of the black course you will experience an over 60 meters long zip line.

the ticket has three hours validity, which is more than enough time to complette any course without hurrying

Ticket Price

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