Is  advance booking  required?
No, only  groups of over 15 people should book  the courses at  least 5 days before, in order to be granted the reduced prices reserved to groups. On closing days, booking is only possible for groups of at least 15 people.

What age is required to access the rope courses?

Children have to be at least 1 metre tall and 3 years old to access the Yellow and Orange Courses. Only at that age they have the necessary        dexterity to handle the karabiners. Children over 125 cm tall can also access  the Green and Blue Courses. All coursess can be accessed  by  over 140 cm -tall -people.

What is the best time to start a course  during the weekend?

On Saturdays the courses are usually flowing all day long; on Sunday morning they are  less crowded.

Are visitors allowed into the Park if they do not want to climb up the rope courses?

Access to the Park is free for everybody; the entry fee is only required for those who want to climb up the courses.

How long can I stay on the courses?

          Your ticket covers a -3 –hour stay, which is more than enough time to complete a course without hurrying.     

What do I have to wear?

Comfortable, preferably long, sport clothes and trainers are recommended; skirts, flip-flops, high heels or open sandals should be avoided.

What in case of bad weather?

All rope courses  can be accessed with low rainfall ( at the instructors’ discretion, in any case).  The Park is immediately closed in case of thunderstorms or heavy winds. If in doubt, contact us to check if  the Park is open.          

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