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Aboout us:

Apua Adventure Park has several trails, at a different height from the ground, suitable for adults, young adults and children, no specific physical training being required. Rope bridges,  footbridges and nets  lead climbers from tree to tree safely
The Park,  about 300 meters from the sea, has green areas where you can enjoy your packet- lunch and a large parking place, also open to coaches.

The safety:

Along all trails and courses climbers are  equipped with a double-safety gear which allows them to move freely and safely. Instructors and staff members are always nearby to supervise the correct performance and to help in case of need.

 If your are not 18

Please Remeber, You Need To Be Alowed By An Adult  Before Climbing 

 If you want to work with us?  we are looking for some rescue man, 

Celebrate yout brithday with us

Celebrating your child's brithday at the park is fantastic. 

If your are minimun 10 person entrance for the celebrated child is free

Call  us +39 342 3163493 or write ...

Find us:

Via Ronchi 105

54100 Massa - Italia

phone: +39 (342) 3163493